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Letter 20 January: RSPCA policy Death of famous people, Somerset and floods

Letters, 20 January: RSPCA policy the death of a famous person, Somerset and floods Is it my imagination or blood sports fans live in a kind of parallel universe? For the latest in the “investigation” of Philip Bowern (“History repeats itself at the Battle RSPCA” Daily Press January 8) seems to feel that people understand … Read more about Western Daily Press
strong ‘Poe Last Night “at the Pittsburgh playwright is famous life poets Theatre” I think it’s a pleasant experience, the numbers, which are known for a century and a half white, but that most people do not know anything about, really, “he said.” I try to present a comprehensive picture of who the person is. She’s … Read more about Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Guinness plans in Nazi Germany with the famous poster … Ever plan Guinness beer in Nazi Germany to sell, and an advertising campaign with a toucan signature with swastikas and zeppelins. by John Gilroy, who compose most of the classical advertising company, the collection produced Drawn even … Read more about Daily E-mail